Welcome Message: Thank you for your participation in an InkBlot event. Your support and creativity contribute significantly to the success of our show. We are committed to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Section 1: Table Booking and Fees 1.1 Participants are entitled to book a standard-sized table for a specified fee. 1.2 Please note that electrical power outlets may not be available at all events.

Section 2: Booking Policy 2.1 Table bookings must be made in advance through the official channels. 2.2 All bookings are confirmed upon receipt of payment and are non-refundable.

Section 3: Cancellation and Transfer Policy 3.1 If you need to cancel your participation, please inform the InkBlot team immediately. 3.2 Cancellations do not permit the transfer of tables to third parties. InkBlot reserves the right to reallocate or resell the space at its discretion.

Section 4: Space Utilization and Conduct 4.1 Keep all materials and products on your table to prevent accidents. Items on the floor are strictly prohibited. 4.2 Ensure any displays or banners fit within your designated area without obstructing or encroaching on neighboring spaces. 4.3 Respect fellow participants and maintain professional behavior at all times. Disruptive individuals may be removed from the event.

Section 5: Vendor Categories and Fees 5.1 Specific categories of vendors, such as comic vendors, may be subject to different fees and table arrangements. 5.2 Ensure that all displays are within the confines of your allocated space.

Section 6: Event Schedule and Setup 6.1 Access and setup times will be provided prior to the event. Please adhere to these times to ensure a smooth operation. 6.2 Participants must complete their setup by the designated time and begin dismantling only after the event concludes.

Section 7: Insurance and Liability 7.1 Participants are required to have appropriate public liability insurance for their stall. 7.2 InkBlot assumes no responsibility for injuries or damages. Participants are liable for their own actions and the safety of their space.

Section 8: Cleanliness and Environment 8.1 Maintain a clean and safe area around your stall. Failure to comply may result in exclusion from future events.

Section 9: Content and Material 9.1 Display and sell materials suitable for all ages unless specified otherwise. Keep adult materials discreet and sell them responsibly.

Section 10: Venue and Parking 10.1 Specific venue details and parking information will be provided for each event. Parking is generally on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact and Assistance: For assistance or queries, please contact the event coordinators provided in your booking confirmation.

Payment and Confirmation: Payment details will be provided upon booking. Your space is confirmed once payment is received.

Additional Terms:

  • Participants agree to abide by all event rules and regulations.
  • InkBlot reserves the right to make changes to the event and policies as necessary.